New Wooden Pallets

New Standard & Bespoke Customised Pallets.

From whisky to construction, and packaging to chemicals, our new pallets are used by businesses in every industrial sector throughout SA to safely and sustainably transport their goods throughout the global supply chain.

We have a strategic national network of well-invested manufacturing facilities which bring together operational excellence, high-quality products, and outstanding customer service as pallet manufacturers.

Quality assured, we manufacture and deliver new wooden pallets into multiple industry sectors - Food, Drinks, Medical, Engineering, Automotive, Print & Packaging, Retail & General Manufacturing.

Using our pallet design system, we are consistent in our approach of delivering optimum value to all of our clients. As a result, we never knowingly over-engineer or design a product that is not cost effective.

We sell new wooden pallets and in addition, we can make any size pallet you like to order. Our continued investment in the manufacturing plant, machinery and improving the skills of the workforce enables us to further extend our capacity and meet increased demands.

Our flexibility to manufacture a 'one-off ' pallet, through to large scale volumes. Whether you’re looking for one pallet or thousands of pallets, we can cater for all your pallet needs.

Whatever your pallet problem we will help you find a solution – we may have just the right pallet in stock or we can make any size to order.

We recognize that all our customers have different requirements and we can tailor our service to match your needs. Rest assured, whatever your pallet needs, we can provide a solution to match.

Our new Wooden Pallets are manufactured to ISO high quality standards and to all specifications.

With large stocks of timber and at competitive rates we ensure these cost savings are passed onto our customers.

If you require a bespoke size new wooden pallet, please request a quote online or give our sales team a call.

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