Wooden Shipping Crates

At Multi Task General Trading we manufacture extremely well-built wooden shipping crates for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential uses. We build all of our wooden crates to conform to high quality standards to help protect your cargo during shipment.

We design our wooden crates to be durable and withstand frequent use and resistance to wear and tear. Our wooden crates are made to protect your fragile items with custom fitting of cargo

Our boxes range from light to heavy duty for sea, air and road freight transport.
We also manufacture plywood boxes for precision machined components and other sensitive equipment.

There are many variations of wooden crate designs. By far the most common are 'closed', 'open' and 'framed'.

Closed Crate

A Closed Wooden Crate is one that is completely or nearly completely enclosed with material such as plywood or lumber boards. When lumber is used, gaps are often left between the boards to allow for expansion.

Opened Crate

An Open Wooden Crate is one that typically uses lumber for sheathing. The sheathing is typically gapped by at various distances. The gap between boards would typically not be greater than the width of the sheathing boards. An unsheathed crate is a frame crate.

Frame Crate

A Frame Wooden Crate is one that only contains a skeletal structure and no material is added for surface or pilferage protection. Typically, an open crate will be constructed of 12 pieces of lumber, each along an outer edge of the content and more lumber placed diagonally to avoid distortion from torque.

There are a few Important specifications we need to consider when building our wooden crates…

Our wooden crates are engineered and custom built to your specifications, or you can choose from one of our standard sizes of wooden shipping crates ready for sale.

Industrial Crates are perfect for plant and office relocations, as well as international overseas shipping. Optimum stability and vibration control are critical for many industrial applications.

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