Extra Uses for Pallets

A pallet is a horizontal platform, typically affixed to a superstructure and a bottom deck which allows it to be lifted and moved by material handling equipment such as lift trucks and conveyors as well as to be placed in appropriate storage systems and transport vehicles.

The pallet provides the base for assembling, storing, handling and transporting materials and products. Additionally, a pallet provides protection to the product on it.

The pallet is the most common base for the unit load. The unit load is a system which includes the pallet, goods stacked atop it, as well as the stretch wrap, adhesive, pallet collar, or other means of unit load stabilization. The history of pallet has been integral to the development of modern logistics. For example, pallet reuse in the supply chain became increasingly practised. The pallet pooling concept began to be seriously discussed during this time and has evolved into a key strategy for pallet suppliers.

In today’s world, there are a lot of cool and most of the times, useful gadgets which you can find in all kinds of different stores. But the problem is that they usually cost a lot of money, a lot more than they are worth. And those items can be really, really simple and it is ridiculous to pay such a high amount of money for them.
But that is why there are a lot of cool ideas for recycling nowadays. You can literally make anything you need by reusing old materials such as old pallets and other items and craft them into something useful that would have otherwise costed you a whole lot of money in a store.

1. Standing Garden

Because of the space between each slat, these are easy to pack plants into to make a very beautiful standing garden.

2. Coffee Table

Something as simple as adding wheels and sheet of glass to a pallet can transform it into an easy-to-move and beautiful coffee table. Functional and cheap? Sounds like the best of both worlds.

3. Shoe Organizer

Shoes stack perfectly into pallets, so now you can enforce the no shoes in the house rule and still keep everything organized.

4. Pallet Lights

You can even turn pallets into lanterns to give off some light. Use outdoors to light your patio or indoors if you’re going for a rustic look.

5. Flower Box

Create a rectangle and use a pallet for indoor/outdoor flower boxes. Use them both indoors and outdoors to have a theme that carries throughout your home.