From small wooden crates to large, there are many different types of wooden crates and with this, there are even different types of wood from which the crates are made. There are crates and pallets. There are wooden boxes, and then there are those boxes made of cardboard too, a product that’s definitely not even wood. These are just a few of the many types of boxes!  Boxes may seem ordinary but each of these containers has extraordinary uses that makes them extremely useful in everyday business here in the United States and all throughout the world. Let’s go over a few of the many types in more detail.

Types Of Boxes

Wooden Crates

These are sometimes your standard shipping crates you may have received milk jugs in when you were young, like the ones those delicious golden apples are pictured in a previous blog post. Custom crates, however, are much more sophisticated. We tailor our crates to the specific needs of every customer depending on what it is they want to ship and how they need it sent. In many cases, a standard crate will get the job done but when more than one is needed, those of us here at Crate Tech have the expertise and experience to meet all of your customized shipping needs.

Crate Tech specializes in custom crates and pallets, so professional staff can tailor as well as fit a crate to any need! If you are shipping a single, large item, and need it to fit into a wooden box and be secured to be able to ship a long way, then a custom crate would be the better choice for you.

Wooden Pallets

We’ve talked about pallets before, and chances are you’ve seen them going by on a flatbed truck or maybe in the local shipping yard. Pallets are useful for shipping because of how strong and resilient they are. A well-made pallet can withstand a great deal of weight and they are great for the environment because they can be reused. There’s no argument about how advantageous pallets can be.  Depending on the type of material you want to ship, your pallets can be designed in a way that is especially made to your specific needs.

Pallets are the more logical choice when you are sending a lot of a certain item, or perhaps you have many different kinds of items that you need to send. Pallets are affordable and many times they are a great choice to suit your shipping needs.

Either of these modes of transportations could be a good choice for what it is you need to accomplish. The good news is that Crate Tech is able to build custom crates to order. There isn’t a job they won’t take on and their commitment to service and excellence coupled with their years of experience in the industry makes them the perfect choice when you have unique needs to ship nationally or even internationally!